Chinese English
Middle School(Grade7-9)Science/STEM Teacher / Haizhu (GZ), Guangzhou

Age Group: Junior High School (Middle School)

Subject: Science

Location: Haizhu (GZ), Guangzhou

Start Date: August, 2020

Job ID: EN-GZ-164

Middle School(Grade7-9)Science/STEM Teacher
(I) Curriculum and Teaching:
1. Delivery English Language Arts courses 12 periods per week.
2. Be able to design interdisciplinary unit of inquiry, 4 classes per week.
3. According to the students' intelligent development differences, organize differential learning tutoring, 4 periods per week.
4. Properly use information, computer and technology means to improve teaching efficiency.
5. Regular give demonstration / open classes with an emphasis on particular education practice.
6. Participate project of social emotional learning, integrate SEL into the instruction, and create a supportive learning environment.
7. Design and delivery classes explicitly supporting core competencies development by adopting innovation and progressive pedagogy.
8. Organize assessments and prepare for the assessments according to the goal of the curriculum.
9. Track the growth and progress of students and improve their comprehensive performance report.
10. Research and develop bilingual fusion curriculum with academic team and other teachers.
11. Develop subject courses and write unit plan together with teachers.
12. Act as the coordinator of a teaching practice project, such as competencies education coordinator, social emotional learning coordinator, etc. And responsible for the research and promotion of this educational practice project. (Optional)

(II) Students management:
1.Student advisor. Hold regular advisory meeting and provide academic and SEL guidance.
2. Parents communication. Answers parents' questions to ELA course.
3. Organize and attend parent conference.
4. Develop students ‘s social emotion and character education.
5. Cultivate students' character by guiding their daily behaviors.
6. Undertake the safety work of students and create a safe learning environment.
7. Create visible learning classroom environment and culture.
8. Organize and participate in college activities.

(III) school contribution and personal growth:
1. Participate in the school's admission activities, such as promotional events, design test paper and grading, presentation, interview, etc.
2. Take part in various school activities of the school, such as the opening ceremony, closing ceremony, festival celebration, union activities, sports meeting, etc.
3. Participate in Professional development organized by internal and external institutions.
4. Take the English / Chinese language courses organized by the school.
Curriculum: We desire teachers have IB/IPC teaching background or other interdisciplinary/competency based curriculum by using /Project/inquiry based learning methodology.
Also wish the teachers had experience to develop students’ social emotional learning.
Nationality: Native English speaker from English speaking countries (because of visa restriction)
Gender: No gender restrictions
Family: we can hire teachers with families. Although our new campus is bilingual school, there are about 50% of classes will taught in Chinese and only has grade 1. Our other campuses are Chinese schools covering kindergarten to A-level high school (Dulwich International High School, Zhuhai). If the teachers are open to have their children to learn bilingually, we are happy to accommodate their children. And at least one child is tuition free expect A-level high school (Dulwich International High School, Zhuhai) .
1. Bachelor's degree or above, relevant majors to education.
2. At least 5 years teaching experience.
3. Have the experience in teaching Chinese students.
4. Have the experience in teaching Interdisciplinary by using inquiry/project based learning method, IB MYP teaching experience is preferred.
5. Speaking Chinese are preferred.
6. Have research ability and participated in research project.
Other requirements:
1. Enthusiasm for Education.
2. Open, optimistic and creative
3. Ability to inspire children and adults with an enthusiasm for learning.
4. Strong desire in continuous personal and professional growth
5. Strong ability to work with a diversity of individuals and groups
6. Strong ability to establish and maintain constructive relationships
7. Support our school’s share vision and common goals regarding English education
-    Monthly Salary:25k-30k monthly before tax. (12 months)
-    Housing:Studio or 3800RMB allowance that can rent 2 bedrooms apartment in nice neighborhood.
-    Flight allowance: No more than 9000 per family member
-    Child Education Allowance: 30000RMB per year
-    Insurance
-    Visa
-    Three Meals on working days