Chinese English
IBDP English Literature teacher Changshu, Jiangsu

Age Group: Senior High School (Secondary School)

Subject: English Language and Literature

Location: Changshu, Jiangsu

Start Date: June, 2020

Curriculum: IB

Job ID: EN-JS-386

IBDP English Literature teacher
Job Description
1.Be responsible for the day to day management of the academic life within the various departments;
2.Contribute to the annual academic improvement plan of the School;
3.Dissemination of all relevant and current information of an academic nature as per the individual needs of each subject;
5.Work to ensure that all required instructional materials are in place for effective delivery of the curriculum and that an accurate inventory of departmental materials/resources is maintained;
7.Models effective instruction; assists in strengthening lesson plans; provides guidance on curriculum alignment;
8.Serve as a mentor to all department members especially those new to the School (policies, procedures, available materials, key personnel, classroom observations, etc);
9.Identifies and communicates effective teaching strategies, classroom management strategies, and strategies for altering student behaviors;
10.Maintain the communication between school and parents, and build a harmonious home‐school relationship;
11.Develop in conjunction with teachers an individual “Teachers’ Appraisal Plan” which reflects personal development this will also include class observations as part of the plan.
1.Master degree or above, with relevant professional background and teaching certificate;
2.Related teaching experience and teach management experience in an international school;
3.Fluency in English, bilingualism would be an advantage;
4.Substantial experience with the IB Diploma Program and successfully managing academic program;
5.Love education career, full of passion and dream.
1.Accommodation provided;
2.Flight allowance;
3.Relocation allowance;
4.Work VISA and dependent VISA provided;
5.Schooling for children;
7.Paid school holidays etc.